Training And Education

A Portfolio Of Training and Educational Tools

PFA offers a variety of training and educational resources to inform you about flexible polyurethane foam. These resources provide overviews of our industry, details on specific issues, and in-depth technical training for industry professionals. Follow the links below to explore the options available to you.

Video Series: An Introduction To The Flexible Polyurethane Foam Industry

This industry development program was created by PFA member companies and designed to showcase the innovations and opportunities available to anyone considering a career. Ideal for newcomers considering a career or seasoned industry veterans.

INTOUCH Bulletin Series

An ongoing series of educational bulletins covering different aspects of flexible polyurethane foam properties, production methods, performance criteria, regulatory requirements, and applications. This award-winning series has provided information about the flexible foam industry  for more than 20 years.

Other Publications

An array of documents on flexible polyurethane foam issues, news, and other topics. These publications are designed for audiences who may or may not be familiar with the flexible polyurethane foam industry, and they provide a quick, effective way to learn more about the industry and its innovation.

Technical Publications

PFA’s extensive library of technical publications, from presentations at PFA meetings for more than three decades. Abstracts of publications are provided, along with the opportunity to purchase the full publication for a minimal fee. Digital or hard copies of presentations are available, depending on your preference.

Training Network Offer

One company that we are aware of that provides training courses in workplace safety is Training Network.  It offers about 700 video training courses on general workplace safety, HR matters and OSHA compliance, with Customizable Quizzes and Certificates of Completion.  They are extending to PFA members a 14-day free trial, with no obligation or need to cancel.

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